Sunday, March 27, 2011

Venetian Courtesan (bust)

Ok thought I would just throw up a few pictures tonight....keep in mind they are SUPER rough and not really to a point that I should be posting them...but ehhh! Its always fun to see WIP right? lol

I held it up next to Flora to give you an idea of the size difference!
Anyway.....not really ready for her close up! lol but here she is so far~ in the rough if you will!


  1. Wow, great work on the torso! How big is she going to be?

  2. This is great, I told you so the other day. Cant wait to see how you get on with the limbs etc, Im gonna try it this way next time. xxxxxxxxx

  3. I have the stop by step book of this method. I want to try this way. Always afraid of the bonding and creating a weak spot there. I saw Phyllis Morrow's green witch piece and I see that she uses this method and she makes beautiful dolls. I am so envious of you being able to learn from such a talented Artist. Maybe next time I will try this method.